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L. Neil Smith at The Libertarian Enterprise - a reminder of the WWII "Liberator" pistol and an idea for a new program to solve the violent crime problems in this generation's disarmed victim zones: England, Australia, and America's inner cities. Bravo! [tle]

Well, I have a solution to this mess; it would work with America's crime-ridden inner cities as well. In fact, we could test it there first. Most folks don't know that if you remove the liberal-controlled city cores from crime statistics, that America is the most peaceful, productive place on the planet. It is only where the victim-disarmers hold sway that violent crime is--and always has been--out of control.

But again, I have digressed.

We've made a very great deal of technical progress since the early days of World War II, and I believe that a modern incarnation of the Liberator Pistol could probably be made for under ten dollars. Given modern super polymers, the thing could even be made invisible to metal detectors. I'm willing to bet there are hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals more than willing to pay for this historic effort.

Package them and, after a test in New York, New Jersey, Detroit, or Los Angeles, drop hundreds of thousands of them on England. Crime rates, of course, will immediately plunge, and the government will have to explain why it hasn't anything to do with guns in private hands.

While it scrambles fruitlessly, trying to round them all up.

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In keeping with the topic..

Submitted by klhrevolutionist on Wed, 30 May 2007 01:14:38 GMT

For those who read this you might also be inclined to dwelve further into how bad the gun ownership situation is.

In this article titled: "Disarm America? Here's how
We're swamped with guns, but if we want to get rid of them, there is a way to do it"

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Dan Simpson's article has been hashed and rehashed

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 30 May 2007 11:19:49 GMT

Dan Simpson's article has been hashed and rehashed by the blogosphere. My favorite take was from Mike Vanderbough, who called him "Homer Simplson's dumber brother." But it's good to remind people that this sentiment is out there.

BTW, if I didn't know you, klhrevolutionist, I might think your comment was in favor of Mr. Simpson's idea. Some people think that the gun ownership situtation is bad as in too many guns. I know that you agree with Neil, though. America needs more guns, a lot more guns, especially in the inner cities, and they especially need to be carried by every man, woman, and responsible child, always and everywhere, without asking anyone's permission.

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