Kel-Tec's New Lightweight PF-9 9mm Auto Pistol

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 09 May 2007 12:03:54 GMT  <== Guns ==> 

Jeff Quinn at Gunblast - hardly bigger than it's .380 cousin, this pocket 9mm does it's job, for an MSRP of $333 Blued, $377 Parkerized, or $390 Hard Chrome (light attachment extra). Click the image for Kel-Tec's PF-9 page. [gunblast]

Kel-Tec PF9

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PF-9 Jamming

Submitted by Karl on Sat, 26 Jan 2008 18:00:16 GMT

I've found that when using the CCI/Speer Blazer FMJ ammo (cheapest ammo I find for "plinking") I get occassional jams. I've had one such jam from each box of 50 rounds that I've fired.
I contacted Kel-Tec and their Customer Service representative said that the problem is with the aluminum cartridge case on this ammo. He says that the extractor isn't pulling the fired round out of the chamber before the next round attempts to load. He also says that the aluminum cases cause premature wear on the gun's extractor.
I asked if there was a similar problem with the Remington Golden Saber JHP ammo, which I normal load it with when carrying concealed. He says, "No." Also says I can trust gun as a reliable self protection weapon.
This jamming problem gives me reason to wonder about that.
My primary concealed carry weapon is a Glock G-27. The much lighter, smaller PF-9 is really nice in warmer weather when less heavy clothing is worn though.

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Jamming PF-9

Submitted by David on Tue, 26 Feb 2008 14:00:43 GMT

Comment/question on the Kel-Tec PF-9:
I saw you mentioned jamming using the FMJ ammo, 2 jams out of 100 rounds. Have you done the same "test" with your JHP ammo to determine if there may be any jamming? (100 rounds = how many jams).

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Those rounds are cheap and

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 23 Aug 2008 13:50:06 GMT

Those rounds are cheap and they are the only rounds in .45 ACP to cause failure to feeds in my Kimber. I accept this for what it is: cheap ammo. I am thinking of purchasing a PF-9, as I already have a spare Insight compact rail light as pictured above sitting in a drawer waiting for it. For concealed carry, this one looks to be a reasonable product - and it has good reviews through the web, too!

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different ammo choices for smaller auto pistols

Submitted by Anthony grieco on Wed, 14 Jan 2009 12:31:57 GMT

I've collected firearms for 25 years, and fire/test ammo regularly.I have owned probably 400 different weapons over time and keep a collection of nearly 200, two thirds of which are auto pistols. I haven't found too may that have any problems with cci/blazers. Blazers tend to be dirty at times, though. And in my experience if they're going to fail it will be in a gun without much lubrication of one not yet "broken in". I own/fired everything from antique autos to new production with little problems from aluminum cases. But if you're having problems, well I've found you have to test smaller frame autos on many ammo types. Here are some rounds that over the years tend to be consistent for me. These are the "cheapest rounds" with the record of having the least issues. Now for ball, you can buy UMC's , or winchester 115 fmj, which tends to have a slicker case. Winchester sells 100 round packs at many retail outlets, such as academy sports. Also try american eagle, and CCI makes "blazer brass" which is affordable. I love fiocci, but the .380 is finicky in some older autos. In 9mm, ammo like "starfires" seem to be the shortest hollpoint ammo and will malfunction in some guns. You usually can't go wrong with federal hydra shock in smaller autos.

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I had at least ten jams in PF9

Submitted by Bryon in Texas on Tue, 13 Oct 2009 01:34:21 GMT

I had at least ten jams in the first 50 rounds of Speer Lawman FMJ 9mm ammo using my new PF9 KelTec.

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SOP for all Kel-Tecs

Submitted by Anonymouse on Tue, 13 Oct 2009 17:13:17 GMT

Realistically speaking, you MUST perform a "fluff and buff" on every Kel-Tec as soon as you get it home. A little time with some polishing compound and Dremel tool will literally save your life.

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you are right about the

Submitted by 2048 on Sat, 31 Oct 2009 03:17:39 GMT

you are right about the fluff and buff.i i own three kel-tec's i shoot a revolver in idpa and ipsc.but i carry a pf9 or my 380 at all times.I have tested a lot of bullets.i have over 1000 rounds of walmart blazer ball ammo without 1 jam.if your gun jams with that ammo you are holding the gun incorrectly .good luck

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its funny i just came in

Submitted by billy bdb on Wed, 06 Oct 2010 00:02:54 GMT

its funny i just came in after polishing the crap out of my feeding ramp on my pf9 and am still getting a crazy amount of jams. i test it with the ammo i like to carry, Golden Saber JHP just thought i should let u know at least run a few mags of golden saber don't take their word for it also if u know of anything i can do to keep this from happening please let me know thanks thanks

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Kel Tech PF9

Submitted by Mike on Wed, 05 Oct 2011 19:05:57 GMT

My daughter has a PF9 that jams on the second round nearly every time. This side arm is a jammer! Not what I would define as something you can trust your life to.
More specifically I would define it as a bad purchase (Junk gun)!

Other manufacturers can make flawless weapons right out of the box including C&R used guns. Get one of those.

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