True Democracy or, Let's Kill Frank & Steal His Shit

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 06 May 2007 11:26:05 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

Victor Milan at The Libertarian Enterprise - why democratic political action is criminal. Voting to prohibit something authorizes men with guns to shoot those who disobey. [tle]

Freedom of speech is a right; it's not conditional, or it's a sham, i.e., what we have now. People can advocate anything--human sacrifice, child molestation, socialized medicine--and if our right to speak is to mean anything, we have to let them do it. But once they start trying to toss babies into statues of Moloch or drag our kids into the bushes, we recognize our right to shoot them.

So why is the third course--tossing our right of choice to Moloch, dragging our health care into the bushes--sacrosanct? Why hold any form of political action--as opposed to speech--unconditionally protected? Don't we recognize that my saying I'm going to kill you and actually going for my gun are two altogether different phenomena?

Let's say that instead of reaching for Mr. 9mm, I propose a law: let's kill you and split up your wealth. You're a Baha'i in Iran, a Jew in Poland, a Branch Davidian in Waco: you have no rights which mainstream citizens need respect. As long as 51% of the citizenry concur, it's all right to waste you and steal your shit. That's democracy.

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