Jailed in Defense of the Constitution

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 17 Aug 2007 00:56:08 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

Dave Ridley at The Keene Free Press - Mr. Ridley tells the tale of his trial and imprisonment for refusing to pay a $100 fine for passing out handbills at an i.r.s. office. If the worthless fucks ever do something like that to me, I won't be so placid and peaceful. One of us will die. Hopefully a few of them before me. Link is to part one. Part two is here. More to come.

A Sergeant enters. What questions has this man refused to answer? Matias looks up from his blank clipboard. Date of Birth, Social, Height, Weight...almost everything.

The Sergeant turns to me. There will be problems for you if you fail to answer. I tell him I do not have training to withstand torture for a lengthy period but will nonviolently resist for as long as I am able. We don't torture people here, comes the shocked response. I will ask for orders, he says.

I ask him if he would torture someone were the order given. Absolutely, he replies. But it will never happen; we don't do that here...in the military maybe. I agree that a military situation is somewhat different but express displeasure with his answer. I ask his name. He does not give it. He says "do you want my badge number?" I say sure. He says he will give it to me when I turn over my SSN. No numbers are exchanged. He leaves.

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