A Map Of Mankind (Part 1)

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George Potter at Market Theocracy - part one of a seven-part series. He plans to post parts 2-4 over the next few days, 5-6 soon thereafter, and 7 as soon as he's done with it. Yay!

Follow this page for links to the parts as they come out: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

I mirrored the entire story here.

This post will stick at the top until the story is over. Look below for new posts.


But, if society is the process of individuals interacting, how can it be somehow 'more important' than those same individuals? How can something created by the actions of individuals be used to belittle and harm them?

Because society as defined by the collectivists and powermongers and control freaks is an outright lie. Amusingly (if the bleakest of black humor amuses you), it's not even a well told lie. It is a ridiculous, inept, un-clever, clumsy lie. Loki himself would speak truth before he used such pathetic trickery. Satan would bow before heaven rather than resort to such childish fibbing.

Society, as posited, praised and worshipped by the beehivers and leash-holders, simply does not exist.

Society as it is, however, does exist. It is as real as math and music and logic and language. Far from devaluing individuals, it glorifies them. Rather than being 'more important' than our flickering firefly selves, it is our servent and greatest tool. Instead of beating us down, it raises us up to great heights and allows wondrous achievement.

Because I can point to society. I can draw you a picture of it. I can describe its shape and form and function and explain its mechanics, in simple descriptive terms.

Society is a map.

A map of mankind.

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