Fast Package Tracking

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 09 Jan 2010 15:39:16 GMT  <== Computers ==> 

When I mail-order something, I usually get a tracking number, for UPS, FedEx, or the US Postal Service from the vendor (often Amazon). I have always faithfully gone to the respective web site, pasted in the tracking number, and pushed the "track" button. This works, but it has two problems. I have to wait for their often slow web site twice, once to display the form, and once to show me what I want to see. And I have to do it again every time I want to check. So I have always figured out how to get a bookmarkable URL that I can put in my bookmarks bar, and click when I want to check the progress of my package.

I have automated that process. I built a web site that takes your tracking number and forwards to a bookmarkable page. My form is very simple and quick-loading, so you can do your business and be done, instead of waiting for their form to load. Give it a try!

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