Extremist Music, Take Two!

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 09 Jun 2007 14:29:07 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

Larken Rose shares a song he wrote during his kidnap by federal goons. You can listen to it here, until his bandwidth alotment is used up again. I saved a copy at s3.amazonaws.com/billstclair/think.mp3. Powerful!


Not taught to think,
Not taught to judge,
Not meant to understand a thing.
Raised up to be just a battery,
Powering someone else's machine.
They own you body and soul,
Though the truth you will not hear.
So hard to free the fool
From the chains that he reveres.

Not taught to think,
Not taught to judge,
You take pride instead in subservience.
What a strange belief,
You put the lowest thief upon a pedestal;
It makes no sense.
They dominate you,
And you call it "law,"
And proudly you obey.
You live your life
By the code of the flock,
While humanity you betray.

But born as a human being,
Your only obligation is to do...
Not what is commanded,
Not what is expected,
Not what is legal,
Not what is popular,
Not what is comfortable
Or what is praised,
But only what is right.

Not taught to think,
Not taught to judge,
You echo the slavespeak faithfully.
You worship the ones who hold you down,
Hate those who wish you to be free.
Love and adore exploiters and thieves,
Take comfort in their bald-faced lies.
You call it thought
When you blindly believe.
You wear your chains with pride.

Taught not to think,
Taught not to judge,
You seek only the approval of your lords.
Always you've been a good citizen,
A drop in the sea of mindless hordes.
There's nothing noble in being a pawn,
In serving tyrants well.
You fuel their machine,
You give them their power,
You pave the road to hell.


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