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Russell Madden - on the new term for those who don't toe the line on the Human-induced global warming craze. Now I can tell all my friends that I'm a "Denier". Horrors! [tcftalk:]

For me, the real bone of contention is not whether some warming is occurring ---- evidence seems to indicate it is ---- but whether it is or will be "catastrophic" (a prospect that seems highly unlikely; some areas of the planet will suffer, some will benefit; people will adapt as they always have, whether during an Ice Age or during a period of greater warmth); whether it is primarily due to human action (most evidence seems to indicate it is not; the figures I have seen place the human component well under one-percent, an influence dwarfed by other forces) or nonhuman, "natural" causes (for example, part of normal climatic variation); and whether governments are justified in drastically regimenting people's lives, i.e., increasing government power and decreasing freedom, in order to deal with global warming (regardless of the causes or the degree of global warming and regardless of the positive or negative results of such warming, placing the responsibility for dealing with the sources and/or consequences of this phenomenon in the hands of the State would only make matters immeasurably worse).

For every well-intentioned advocate who views global warming as a threat to humanity, I suspect there are many more who hide behind the cover of the warm-and-fuzzy cloak of "environmentalism" in order to advance their cause of placing more and more of the earth and more and more people and their decisions under the direct control of the State. And let us not forget those eco-fascists who view "humanity" and a technologically-advanced civilization as blights upon Gaia that must be curtailed or obliterated so "Nature" can flourish. This sick fantasy champions a static universe in which "now" is the best of all possible worlds and in which the only change that occurs is that initiated by people, which by definition, can only be characterized as "bad."

The real "deniers" in this entire brouhaha are those who promote "consensus" over evidence; who place rocks and bugs over people; who exalt the power of the State and endeavor to crush the power of the individual; who seek the stasis of tyranny and death rather than the dynamics of freedom and life.

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