Be seeing you, Patrick McGoohan

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 15 Jan 2009 13:08:30 GMT  <== Entertainment ==> 

Johnathan Pearce at - Patrick McGoohan, star and creator of The Prisoner, is dead at 80. RIP, sir. Google News articles. The Prisoner YouTube videos. McGoohan's IMDB page. And I'm old enough to remember the TV show McGoohan did before The Prisoner, Secret Agent Man (aka Danger Man).

From my memory, the opening song of Secret Agent Man:

There's a man who lives a life of danger.
To everyone he meets he stays a stranger.
With every move he makes
Another chance he takes.
Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow.

Secret, Agent Man.
Secret, Agent Man.
Givin' you a number
And takin' 'way your name.

Which, of course, is exactly what happened to the prisoner.

Be seein' you.

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