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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 16 Sep 2004 12:00:00 GMT
# The new DNS for finally reached my ISP. I'm still getting small amounts of spam to the Netherweb server, so it hasn't propagated everywhere yet, but it's getting there. had an outage around 5:30 this morning. I was able to ping the server, but web service did not work. Not good. Not good. When I notice outages, I'll put a message in the forum, as I did early this morning.

# - Firefox version 1.0PR (pre-release) is available. It appears to work. Thunderbird version 0.8 is also available. It also appears to work. Both have security fixes and new features.

# A Shocking Anniversary Gift is an hilarious story that I received via email. [brad]

# Thelen Paulk - A Visitor from the Past - an uplifting poem about the American spirit. [clairefiles]

# Claire Wolfe - I Wrote about the Plight of Anthony Hargis - a short rant on the importance of community, the reason Hunter got lots of help and support and Mr. Hargis is getting almost none. [claire]

# Claire Wolfe at Backwoods Home Magazine - Being a Good Carrier - reflections on building a trail down a hill near her house. How to accomplish a large task, a little at a time. [claire]

Ten years from now, some new friend is bound to walk down that path and see the beautiful banks of ferns, the well-groomed trees, the rills of crystal water passing under the footbridges, and say, "You're so lucky to have land that's so beautiful"

They'll have no idea that the rills were once shoe-sucking mud holes, that the banks were once bare clay filled with twisted roots and barbs, that the garden-like clearings were nothing but heaps and tangles of broken, rotted vegetation. But I'll know. And I'll smile to think that, with a little help from my friends, and much practice at being a good Carrier, I created a tiny spot of perfection. With my own hands - and some stronger hands swinging a ho-dad - I made one half acre of the world more beautiful than it was when I was born. You can die happy, knowing you Carried a thing like that into being.

# GeekWithA.45 - The Zero Aggression Principle - the Geek invents a hypothetical case where he believes the ZAP doesn't apply. I posted this comment: [geekwitha.45]

People often think up strange cases where the ZAP supposedly doesn't apply, and yours is mighty strange. The operant word is "initiate". And once you accept that nobody has the right to "initiate" force, voting becomes unimportant, since its only purpose is to select people who are encouraged to violate the ZAP with impunity.

So what if you can't vote? The minute somebody tries to collect taxes from you, or stop you from driving without a license in your pocket or a registration sticker on your car, or tells you that you can't walk through Greenwich Village with your .44 Magnum in a holster on your hip and your M1A slung over your back, THEY have initiated force, and you are within your rights, according to the ZAP, to defend yourself, with whatever force is necessary to stop the aggressor.

# Google News - Riot Police Confront Pro-Hunt Demonstrators - 468 stories on yesterday's riot in London. Some of the protesters broke into the Parliament session, which then voted overwhelmingly to ban hunting with dogs, starting 18 months from now, July, 2006, if the House of Lords approves it, or even if not, according to this story:

Previous attempts to ban hunting have foundered in the Lords but if peers block the Bill this time the Parliament Act will be used to force the measure on to the statute book.
Looks to me like it's time for Brits to hunt some members of Parliament. Not with dogs, though. It would ruin their training for game hunting, and no member of Pariament is worth that.

# Jeff Quinn at Gunblast - The Schoolyard Bully and "Assault Weapons" - commentary on the advent and sunset of the "assault weapons" ban by comparing gummint to the schoolyard bully. [gunblast]

# Vulcan Armament bought the inside cover, both pages, of the September 2004 issue of Gun World magazine. $800 V15 (M-16 style) rifles, $500 V47 (AK-47 style) rifles, $1450 V73 (Galil style) rifles, $300 V10 (Mac-10 style) rifles and pistols, $1800 V50 (.50 BMG) rifles (prices for bottom-of-line models).

Vulcan, the God of Fire & Steel! For over a decade, the legendary gun- makers at Vulcan Armament have been producing exotic machineguns for our nations hero's! These rifles are now available in Civilian legal semi-autos with all the technology demanded by special operations pro's around the globe. Built to full Mil-Spec with chrome-lined barrels & hardcast receivers of aluminum or aircraft grade carbon fiber, they are the finest battle rifles ever made! Vulcan Armament is your source for American Made Gali® Style rifles, AK Variants, Semi-Auto Mac-10 Style rifles, the first 950rpm MP-5 style machine-guns & Mil-Spec parts.

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