Be Patriotic: Vote Bush Out

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 15 Sep 2004 12:00:00 GMT
From smith2004:
"Guns don't kill people, ovens kill people. (people without guns)" -- Bill Koehler

Chuck Asay at Marc Brands Liberty - The Hard Work of Job Creation - cartoon commentary on where jobs really come from, and it ain't gummint. [smith2004]

# Seen on a bumper sticker:


# David Carr at - No stone left unturned - Mr. Carr has unearthed his own Bush memo. Hehe. Below is a transcription of the image he provided, spelling preserved: [samizdata]

19 May 1972

Important memo from Pentagone

George Bush spent the hold vienam war drinking takeela and snorting cokaine from the brests of a teenaje haw. He is werse than Hitler.

# Charley Hardman - bush is a pussy - Mr. Hardman challenges Bushnev to a boxing match. [saltypig]

# Anthony Gregory at Strike the Root - The Function of Government and the Criminality of the Justice System - why the criminal "justice" system must go, kit & caboodle. [root]

The function of government is not to protect life, liberty, and property -- as much as I'd like to see those things protected. The function of government is to plunder, and to provide to those at the reins of the state with the loot stolen from those at the losing end. Sometimes it takes on other functions -- kidnapping, brainwashing, torture, maiming, and murder. But the core function of government is theft. The core function is hardly to do something that it never has done -- protect liberty.

The true functions of government become urgently apparent in any serious look at the "justice system" in all its criminality. Half the people in prison should have been left completely free, and certainly would have been by any entity that actually does function to protect life, liberty and property. People such as Tommy Chong, Martha Stewart, and Bobby Fischer may have flaws, but they should hardly be treated to worse than what any humane person would want to see house-pets endure.

# Margaret Talev at The Sacramento Bee - Rifle ban signed by governor - Current owners of .50 BMG rifles are directed to register them. I used this online form to send the Governator the following message: [lrtdiscuss]


I read in the on-line edition of the Sacramento Bee that you signed AB50, banning .50 BMG rifles and ammunition in California. I thought you were a decent human being, and now I discover that you're nothing but a girly-man.

Shame on you, sir. Shame.

-Bill St. Clair

# Garry Reed, The Loose Cannon Libertarian - A Spate of Free State Slates - in the light of The Free State Project and Christian Exodus, Mr. Reed imagines some possible coming gatherings of the like-minded. Cute.

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