AWC G2 Bullpup

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 12 Jun 2004 12:00:00 GMT
From Spider Robinson's introduction to Heinlein's For Us, the Living, which I started reading last night:
"Any map of the world that does not include Utopia is not ever worth glancing at." -- Oscar Wilde

# Security Arms - AWC G2 Bullpup - a 30" overall length M14 with a 22" barrel. Drool. Unfortunately, it's no longer in production, and was last seen, by one smith2004 reader, over 5 years ago for $3,000. You can buy a Springfield SOCOM 16, 37" overall length and 16" barrel, but it ain't cheap either at $1,727 MSRP. [smith2004]

AWC G1 Bullpup

# Lew Rockwell at Blog - A Great Leader Passes - indeed! [root]

# Joseph Sobran - They Aren't What They Used to Be - the United States, that is. Hints at the crimes against humanity that Abe Lenin used to change "United States" from a plural to a singular noun.

In essence, Lincoln made it a crime -- "treason," in fact -- to agree with Jefferson. Northerners who held that free and independent states had the right to leave the Union -- and who therefore thought Lincoln's war was wrong -- became, in Lincoln's mind, the enemy within. In order to win the war, and reelection, he had to shut them up. But his reign of terror in the North has received little attention.

He may have "saved the Union," after a fashion, but the Union he saved was radically different from the one described in the Constitution. Even his defenders admit that when they praise him for creating "a new Constitution" and forging "a second American Revolution." Lincoln would have been embarrassed by these compliments: He always insisted he was only enforcing and conserving the Constitution as it was written, though the U.S. Supreme Court, including his own appointees, later ruled many of his acts unconstitutional.

The Civil War completely changed the basic relation between the states, including the Northern states, and the Federal Government. For all practical purposes, the states ceased to be free and independent.

# Gil Bliss at The New Hapshire Union Leader - NH man a champion for gun rights activists - a pretty good synopsis of Hunter Jordan's case. For more, click Hunter's picture at the top of the left-hand column of this page. [kaba]

In addition to his legal troubles, Jordan was first suspended and then terminated from his job as a telephone installer for Verizon. Bussjaeger said the telephone union is negotiating a settlement for Jordan.

In his own words on the Web, Jordan describes himself as splitting his time nowadays "between writing, cutting wood, and shooting."

"I, and several million other activists, are dedicated to making sure the American public realizes just how strong the case is to overturn each and every one of the 20,000 'reasonable, common-sense' unconstitutional victim disarmament laws," Jordan wrote.

# Charley Reese - War, War, War! - thoughts on Memorial Day.

Wars do not arise spontaneously, nor are they instigated by the soldiers who have to fight them. All wars begin in the minds of political leaders in times of peace. They decide they want something, and eventually they decide that the only way to get it is by the use of force. Their mental process is the same as that of the unruly child who, desiring a playmate's toy, bonks his playmate on the head and takes it. In peacetime, adults who do this are called criminals -- unless, of course, they are kings or presidents or prime ministers or dictators.

Every political system has the same flaw. The human race consists mostly of idiots, with a scattering of wise people. The problem with political systems is that most make it difficult to put the wise few in the positions of power. Thus, for the most part, in every generation the world is ruled by idiots, some of whom have criminal minds.

There is only one just war, and that is war in self-defense. The unjust wars that the United States has been involved in since 1945 are all rationalized as "in defense of freedom." That is a lie used so often that today people say it automatically.

Iraq did not threaten our freedom, nor did it have the means to do so. North Vietnam did not threaten our freedom, nor did it have the means to do so. Ditto for Panama, Grenada, Yugoslavia, North Korea and Afghanistan. Those were all imperial wars, either deliberately started or blundered into by the idiots we put in office. Remember, the only freedom the American armed forces are justified in defending is the freedom of America and Americans. The idea that we are some new Crusader Nation with a mandate from God to deliver the human race from dictatorship is as nutty as Nero. We will have to be lucky not to deliver ourselves into a dictatorship.

While few wars are just wars, all are profitable -- though, of course, not to the lads and lassies who fight and die in them. They are profitable to the military-industrial complex. The Iraq War is a multibillion-dollar bonanza for Halliburton Inc., and a lesser bonanza for all the other corporations scooping up the dollars, whether to supply mercenaries or to do jobs unemployed Iraqis ought to be doing.

# Coalition to Stop Gun Violence - Guns and the GOP - lauds some prominent RINOs, including Ronny Raygun, for their support of gun control. Given the source, don't know how much truth there is to any of this, though his support for the "assault weapons" ban is documented in this Jacob Sullum article, and a footnote in this article at the Second Amendment Foundation (search for "Reagan"). [claire]

Some of On Target's more progressive friends may accuse us of blasphemy for praising The Gipper, but the truth is that Ronald Reagan played an instrumental role in passing the 1994 Brady Law. He had the courage to suggest that common sense crime-fighting - not political patronage to the gun lobby - should be what guided conservative Republicans when making up their minds about the Brady Law.

Former President Reagan was also instrumental in passing the 1994 military-style assault weapons ban. In a joint letter he authored with former Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, Reagan urged Congress to "listen to the American public and to the law enforcement community and support a ban on the further manufacture of [assault] weapons."

# Marshall Fritz - GetTheKidsOut is a web site set up by the Alliance for the Separation of School & State to encourage southern baptists to resolve to withdraw their children from the government schools. That would be very good news.

# Lew Rockwell at - Down With the Presidency - long piece, I only skimmed it. Get rid of the very concept of a United States president. Makes sense to me, as long as you get rid of Congress at the same time. [lew]

# David C. Moorman at Strike the Root - The Choice of a New Generation - when the Universal National Service Act passes, young adults will have three choices, according to Mr. Moorman: serve, go to jail, or move. He recommends that they move so that he doesn't have to shoot them. I recommend that they hang from the nearest lamppost the tyrants who would enslave them. [root]

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