Ruger Four-Inch .45 Colt Redhawk Revolver

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 24 Dec 2007 17:56:04 GMT  <== Guns ==> 

Jeff Quinn at Gunblast - when loaded hot, the .45 Colt can deliver as much energy as hot .44 magnum rounds from a four-inch barrel. From the video, it doesn't look as if recoil is too bad, either. [gunblast]

The four inch Redhawk is constructed primarily of stainless steel. The sights are black, as they should be, consisting of a fully adjustable rear and a red-ramp front. The trigger is smooth for fast double-action work, and the hammer spur is checkered for a positive grip for cocking the Redhawk for single action fire. The cylinder release pushes in for a natural and easy release of the cylinder to swing out for loading. The big cylinder holds six cartridges, and the bolt notches are offset from over the chambers for added strength. The ejector stroke is plenty long to fully eject the empty brass cases, and no sticky extraction was experienced using even the heaviest of .45 Colt ammunition available. The double action trigger pull is very smooth on this Redhawk, and measured eight pounds, eleven ounces. The single action pull measured just over five and one-half pounds. The .45 Colt four inch Redhawk weighs in at 45.2 ounces unloaded. The barrel/cylinder gap measures five one-thousandths of an inch (.005 ) on this revolver. The chamber throats measured a consistent .4515 inch. The overall quality is very good, and I have noticed an improvement in that area on all Ruger revolvers that I have seen lately. As mentioned earlier, I really like the feel of the Hogue rubber grips on this Redhawk. They handle heavy recoil comfortably, and protect the knuckle from slamming into the trigger guard upon firing the sixgun. I like this grip. I won't go into every detail of the new four-inch .45 Redhawk here, as it is exactly like the .44 Magnum version reviewed earlier, except for the chambering, and I refer the reader to that review for more information on the details of the sixgun.

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