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L. Neil Smith at The Moratorium - a reiteration of the purpose of the Moratorium, including a reminder of the importance of Bill of Rights Enforcement.

When the expression "Bill of Rights enforcement" first came to me, I suddenly realized consciously that those ten amendments were laws. They were the highest law of the land. But they applied only to the minions of statism, and there was still one missing: the one about any public servant having been duly convicted of violating any of them needing to be hanged by the neck until he--or she--was dead, dead, dead.

Having long ago thought the unthinkable, I'll say the unsayable. There ought to be a law, maybe even many such laws, applying only to politicians, bureaucrats, and policemen, defending the life, liberty, and property of the American Productive Class, and featuring the most stringent, most Draconian penalty clauses conceivable. They must be enforced. Those who will not enforce them will become subject to them, themselves.

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