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by George Potter
[from here]

I am individual.

By some incredible quirk of fate or ineffable plan of higher powers I find myself in this world -- alive, sapient, dreaming. I find myself in possession of mind and hands to reach out and alter the universe. To create. To play with the toolset of godhood.

This I have chosen to do, for the betterment of myself and those I love. For, being individual, I have chosen the connections that fill my life with joy on a strictly voluntary basis. I refuse to be forced into false duties.

To all those not in my circle I humbly request to simply be left alone, and my circle spared. The price I will pay is to extend you the same regard.

Those who violate this freely given compact will meet an individual in full knowledge of his godhood. They will meet the destroyer.

For I am creator and engineer. I am peacemaker and pilot. I am dreamer and singer and poet. I am lover and loved.

I am god.

I am individual.

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