Considering digital suicide

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 03 Mar 2015 01:20:55 GMT  <== Webmaster stuff ==> 

I've been in a very dark space for the past month. It may be time to shut down my digital life again. I did this a few years back, for about a year. If I do it this time, it will be more extreme and more permanent. I'll shut down my web sites, delete my Facebook and Twitter, Hulu, and Netflix accounts. I'll also do my best to hand off the other web sites I maintain.

I'm going to give it until Saturday, March 7. If I decide to do it, this site will simply disappear. So if you care about my bits, you have 5 days to wget them.

I can't take the onslaught of negative energy any more. Time to simplify, live in the physical world I inhabit, and concentrate on making as much spiritual progress as possible in the years I have left on the planet.

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Sorry to hear that, Bill.

Submitted by Rick Hanson on Tue, 03 Mar 2015 02:32:26 GMT

Sorry to hear that, Bill. Last time you left, I really missed you. I hope you re-consider, but I understand your sentiments. I read all your stuff here by virtue of following the RSS feed you push out. I'm sorry I rarely comment (it seems), but I'm still out here ... lurking (but in the good way :). But you have to take care of yourself. If things really bother you -- and, I know, we have to live with some very unsavory, and some downright evil, people in this world -- you should take that break and make it indefinite. There's no reason that you should make any promises about what you're going to do in the future, especially to yourself; only see what happens and deal with that moment with the appropriate response, for your sake and your family. Thanks for informing us what might happen. If you go and eventually come back, I hope to find your digital presence fairly quickly so we can re-connect. In any case, all the best! --Rick

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Submitted by MamaLiberty on Tue, 03 Mar 2015 13:57:16 GMT

I've been through some dark times myself, Bill. I can sympathize, even if I don't know your exact situation. I do know that I came out of those periods much stronger and healthier, and know you can too.

Do whatever you must, but I hope you won't lose touch with friends. :)

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Bill, How can I help? When

Submitted by feralfae on Tue, 03 Mar 2015 17:59:43 GMT

How can I help?

When I left the NFP I headed until a year ago, one of the reasons was that I needed to escape the negativity, which was beginning to erode my spirit. Since then, I have disappeared from LinkedIn, Facebook, many fora I used to frequent, and from various other venues. It is peaceful without all the noise.

I hope that, like me, you will keep the good friends you have made here. I hope we will be in touch for the rest of our lives, actually, as you are one of the brightest, most honest, conscientious, and occasionally funny people I know. It is nice to have a friend who makes me think and laugh. :)

I made up my mind a few weeks ago to post more positive and hopeful posts. There are enough people in the "War on X" camps, so I decided to be in the "Play with Y" camp, and have more peaceful fun. :) I also stopped reading a lot of other posts that left me, well, bummed.

But as for you and where you are, how can I help?


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Thanks, feralfae, but

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 03 Mar 2015 19:26:59 GMT

Thanks, feralfae, but let's wait until I've stopped pouring in the negativity for a while. That and my normal meditation practice will hopefully make my world brighter pretty quickly. If not, it ain't hard to leave the planet.

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Submitted by Faré on Wed, 04 Mar 2015 04:34:35 GMT

Do you have a tarball or FTP site of the contents, to make it simpler and better quality than a web-scrap?

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Sorry to hear this, Bill.

Submitted by raedeus on Thu, 05 Mar 2015 16:48:18 GMT

Sorry to hear this, Bill. Perhaps you may want to look at it differently. We are witnessing the death of the State - worldwide. Their unsustainability is showing its weakness. What we actively feel is the death rattle - the increase in frenetic activity just before death occurs. So the negativity is increasing, but to paraphrase the old saying, after the darkness comes the light. We will have a chance to see the light soon enough. It is only a few years in the future.

Meanwhile, like you I'm moving more offgrid, though not likely to the same extent. Perhaps now is the opportunity to start establishing the alternative digital world - long range meshnets and other alternatives to the status quo. You have the skill sets - it's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

In whatever you choose, I wish you the very best.

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Bill, I'd like to second

Submitted by feralfae on Fri, 06 Mar 2015 04:00:00 GMT

Bill, I'd like to second the comments above by raedeus.

We have an opportunity to reframe how we look at the present situation. It is a magnificent, challenging opportunity. It is time to manifest alternative structures of being, whether social, commercial, law, communications, etc. It seems to me, we are watching the last flailing about of the old order. It is best to watch it as little as possible. Instead, we will continue to form new structures where we can play in peace. We are the ones who have identified many contradictions in the crumbling institutional structures, and have thought of some solutions, or at least alternate approaches.

No institution predicated on the initiation of violence can prevail. We are watching those institutions crumble.

As old structures crumble, we have the opportunity to offer new ways to play. This is a new playing field we have entered.

Thank you raedeus.

Bill, I do hope you will reconsider your options over this time of transformation for you. :)


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I very much hope that

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 06 Mar 2015 14:47:50 GMT

I very much hope that raedeus and feralfae are right about the coercive state being in its death throes. I have a feeling that I'm going to die, even if it be of natural causes, long before the state stops thrashing. So I'm going to continue with my plan, and will very likely shut down most of this web site on Sunday (I'll be on retreat on Saturday). My Journal will remain open, as will my non-political static content. I probably won't actually delete the bits right away, but I'll make them inaccessible from the web. I no longer wish to be associated with that garbage.

"There is no political solution to any problem. Politics is itself the cause of most of the problems it purports to solve." -- Bill St. Clair

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Faré, I doubt I'll have

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 06 Mar 2015 18:58:47 GMT

Faré, I doubt I'll have energy to make a tarball, mostly because it requires going through the files and making sure I don't have anything stashed here that I don't want to be public.

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I'll add my "don't go!"

Submitted by jml1911a1 on Sun, 08 Mar 2015 16:38:09 GMT

I'll add my "don't go!" to the rest...I don't get around here much, but I value your insight - even though I disagree with it sometimes.

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