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Much has happened since my last post here. I discovered myself in a Santa Fe, New Mexico Emergency room. The doctors and nurses there were good, but nobody loved me. I also felt like an episode of House. So I limped home to my sons place in Knoxville, TN, where we determined that my problem was a 4 cm bladder stone. Removal of that left me able to pee properly for the first time in over a year, and I decided to stay where someone who loved me could attend my future stays at medical establishments. So I sold my trailer, am buying a house in East Knoxville, and trading my F-150 for a 2017 BMW 328d. Trip to Bennington and Boston late summer. Trip to Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana in the summer of 2022, staying in motel rooms and friends houses, goddess willing and the creek dont rise.

New house in East Knoxville:

One-month living space in Extended Stay America motel:

2017 BMW 328d (diesel):

Yours Truly, rocking out to The Doobie Brothers:

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