Respect for Mules

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 26 Jan 2005 13:00:00 GMT
# From this High Road discussion on the recent Supreme Court decision that dog sniffing is not an illegal search:
"Obviously, the Fourth Amendment has gone to the dogs." -- Standing Wolf
and, from another discussion:
"How simple it would be if the Second Amendment was the law of the land." -- Henry Bowman

# Butler Shaffer at - The Sociopathic Cult - wow! You know it's good when you want to quote every paragraph. Go here first. And don't think because of what I did quote below, that Mr. Shaffer reserves his scorn for the Busheviks. John Kerry and his ilk are also members of this cult, just not as good at it as Bushnev, yet. [sunni]

I can imagine no more absurd explanation for the outcome of the 2004 elections than the proposition that they were a victory for "spiritual values." In the face of the continual lying and butchery practiced by the Bush administration, one can only ponder the distorted meaning of "values" that were endorsed on election day. Shall we next hear of Nazi concentration camps and Soviet gulags being celebrated for "bringing people together"?

If "society" can be thought of, in dictionary terms, as "a voluntary association of individuals for common ends," these elections confirmed the total victory over society by well-organized coercive forces that I shall refer to as a "sociopathic cult." "Sociopaths" are antisocial persons who are "averse to the society of others or to social intercourse." This cult -- which has always been the driving force behind political systems -- is comprised of men and women of misanthropic dispositions, traits defined by one dictionary as "a hatred or contempt for mankind," or a "distrust of human nature."

# Julius No - I must admit, I have alot more respect for mules - photos of a mule killing a cougar, with political commentary. [smith2004]

# Stephen P. Halbrook - Girl Beats Guys: A Swiss Teen Rifle Festival - the Swiss take their marksmanship (and markswomanship) seriously. [kimdutoit]

A coach is assigned to each position where one after another shooter competes. The iron sights are set for 300 meters at factory settings and are not adjusted during the entire competition. After each shot, the coach uses a clear plastic sheet picturing the rifle sights -- the vertical post and the ring -- with a dot showing competitors where they hit. The only adjustment is by Kentucky windage.


Zurich's youngsters who shoot military rifles have a lesson to teach Americans. It is a lesson of peace, family values, and responsibility, while gaining the ability to defend oneself and one's community from aggression. As was well known to America's Founders, who were enamored of the Swiss model, teaching the young to shoot is both a civic virtue and a wonderful sport.

# Google Video allows you to search recent TV programs. What'll they think of next? [wes]

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