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From Scott Bieser's libertyartworx.com, an appropriate logo for the new Homeland Security Agency (Heimatsicherheitsdienst in the mother tongue of its proponents). Click on the image for Mr. Bieser's page containing this image. [knapp]

Vin Suprynowicz - Big spenders spot their chance: Statists race to dance on convenient pile of corpses - part of The Libertarian series. In the aftermath of Bloody Tuesday, the socialists are stepping up to the bar with proposals to "bail out" the airline and insurance industries. Why not do what they really want and federalize the whole economy? Not. Allow the market to do what it does best and put out of business any airline that doesn't allow its customers to defend themselves.

It's widely reported that federal law makes it illegal for pilots, air crews, and passengers to carry self-defense firearms on American commercial flights -- firearms which could have made quick work of the madmen of Sept. 11. But that's not true. Title 14, Chapter I, Part 108 of the Code of Federal Regulations (Federal Aviation Administration) not only allows virtually any federal or other government employee to travel armed, it also allows the "certificate holder" (airline) to "authorize other persons to carry arms" in free exercise of their Second Amendment rights, providing only that said persons have "successfully completed a course of training in the use of firearms acceptable to the (FAA) Administrator."

Michael Peirce at LewRockwell.com - Considering the Options - I like this piece. It seems, well..., real.

Let's try a parable here - you have a gun, and across the street is a bad guy with a machete. You cross the street and try to disarm him, but he attacks you so you shoot him. Can you be tried for murder? Abso-damn-lutely! There was no need for deadly force until you created it -- your right to self defense does not include the right to create lethal situations where there was none. This law is just, and was written back when men still understood certain moral verities. Back before America went to sleep and offered her children into the devilish care of the left wing wackos of the teacher's unions. Back when the past was to Americans, our link with our selves, our nature as a country, and our purpose. Whether by design, or by accident, our masters, and their public school system, have eradicated the past in a truly Orwellian fashion. I often remind people not to mistake incompetence for malice -- yet in this case, it might as well have been malice for their activities have nearly destroyed our Republic.


How shall we proceed? Get your kid out of government school. You decide how and what they should be taught -- it's your job. Do it. Stop voting for Republicans and Democrats. Unless you can take over their local apparatus in your state -- then do that. Never vote for any politician who has plans he wants to finance with Federal money or is even willing to accept money from the federal government. Politics is supposed to be local. While that Federal money is of course, ours, it's better to let it go then let them buy us a set of chains with it.

Throw out any and every politician who speaks against your inalienable right of personal self defense. They are scofflaws, and should be jailed because they mock our constitution after taking an oath to defend it. Remove any politician who votes in favor of overseas alliances. Remove any who fail to see the insanity of having our forces in one hundred six countries. Demand an end to the war on civil liberties they call the Drug War. Resist their crazed attempts to destroy our Southern heritage!

Remove any politician, and jail them, if they were or are in favor of feminizing our fighting forces. A country that minds its own business is still a country that lives in a dangerous world, and needs to be able to defend itself. Most of that defense should come from an armed citizenry. You will not lose your freedom in such a country -- you will have the power to dictate terms to Washington, not the reverse as we have now.

Thomas L. Knapp - In A Libertarian America ... - I missed this earlier. Written way back on September 12. In a Libertarian America, Bloody Tuesday would never have happenned, for lots of reasons.

Garry Reed, The Loose Cannon Libertarian - Heeling Our Leaders - how the Amerikan government caused Bloody Tuesday, and how their response to it will keep the bloody ball rolling. We need to bring them to heel by taking away their cash cow. Mr. Reed recommends support for Ron Paul's H.R.Res.45, which ends the federal income tax and a few other things.

Our leaders' obsession with empire has brought this war upon us and we have little choice now but to fight it, which we will do with all the subtlety of a rutting pig in a negligee, creating another generation of America haters for our children to deal with. And that spawn of political knee-jerk, the Office of Homeland Defense, will pursue its own jihad against the remnants of our civil rights with the same subtlety. Our children will get to know the OHD as Russians got to know the KGB.


It's a helluva commentary when fanatics kill 6,000 of your fellow citizens and you end up fearing your own government more than you fear the fanatics.

The Libertarian Enterprise has a new issue, "Hope? or Glass?". If you haven't yet read L. Neil Smith and Aaron Zelman's A Message from the President yet, go there first. I haven't read beyond the letters section yet, but here's what I liked so far:

  • Exchange of Letters: Bea Jones and L. Neil Smith - a little bit of brightness in a Democrat-controlled county in South Carolina. Ms. Jones writes about a private college where everyone brings their hunting rifles to school and defending yourself lauded.
  • Letter from Bill Westmiller - Mr. Westmiller corrects some of the misconceptions in the letter from Vaughn Treude that ran in last week's issue.
    Yes, Vaughn is correct about changing the policy and correcting the tort liability presumptions against airlines -- who are as much victims as any of those injured by the terrorists. In fact, the prompt compensation to the airline industry approved by Congress is an effective admission that the entire harm was caused by malicious and stupid federal restrictions. In my opinion, the proper restitution would have been to march the entire Department of Transportation into federal jail for the duration of the "Infinite Justice" campaign.
  • Two Letters from E.J. Totty - the first letter is OK, but the second is marvelous.
    The WTC and the Pentagon are virtually NOTHING compared to the death and destruction wrought by the US government, in other people's lands.

    The US government is a damned bully. It has been trashing other people's homes on a fairly regular schedule -- almost from the beginning.


    A bit more than a small part of me is cheering him [bin Laden] on, because it he can manage to drain the military resources of this fascist/communist/pretorian government of ours to the point that no American wants to get involved anymore -- because their sons and daughters are dying by the hundreds of thousands in some creator forsaken place, as well as at home as in somebody else's land -- then he will have achieved a Libertarian goal: Getting us to mind our own bloody damned business, and telling the whore of commerce to peddle her wares elsewhere. The whore is what got us into this mess to begin with: The oil companies, the banks, and other 'special interests' who were attempting to screw with the foreign locals.

J. Orlin Grabbe - War, Deception, Disinformation, and the Destruction of the World Trade Center - Mr. Grabbe has archived his Bloody Tuesday links. [grabbe]

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E.J. Totty Should Be Fed Into A Logchipper

Submitted by Michael Z. Williamson on Tue, 14 Aug 2007 00:38:08 GMT

I agree with the concept of not supporting parties that don't support my worldview. To that end, until the Libertarian Party gets rid of festering pustules like Totty and morons who believe the "US forces in 106 countries" crap, I want nothing to do with it.

Of course, the LC by definition can't get rid of the loons.

So I'll stay independent.

How about a NO PARTY system?

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No Party System? Sure.

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 14 Aug 2007 01:39:27 GMT

No Party System? Sure. I can go with that. It goes right along with the no government system. There's no government like no government.

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