Gab Heart Bag Icon

I noticed last night a bunch of Gab accounts with little heart bag icons by their names: heart bag icon

I haven't figured out where these come from, but they appear to be added by Gab itself, not part of a person's name. You can see that since the little heart bag icon comes after the blue verified check mark (verified blue icon), whereas user-specified icons that are part of the user name come before the check mark (@Jami_USA and @LadyT have icons in their user names but no heart bag; @OpenQuotes and @ramcclain have both icons in their user names and heart bags).

The table below shows some users with the heart-icon by their name (and two that don't) plus their post statistics.

Later: It turns out that the icon marks accounts that have made contributions to Gab.


Last updated: 11 March 2017

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