WWG1WGA Gardens

This page was scarfed from a Google Earth hack, which has since disappeared. You have to zoom in on the area north of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp in Cuba. There, before the hacks were removed, you would find "The Emohwen Setatspeed Gardens", and, zoomed in a little more, "WWG1WGA Gardens". Clicking on "WW1WG1WA Gardens", in a Goole Earth app, NOT the web site, displayed the 20 images below. Click on any image to open the full-resolution image in a new tab.


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1. Fred Erick
2. Joseph White
3. Marina Shea
4. Robtff
5. MAGA MOMMA #Trump
6. Joseph White
7. Bill McClain
8. Chad Savick
9. PeaknikMicki
10. Steven Wilson
11. unattributed
12. Roger Dodger
13. Eleonora deSimone
14. scott t
15. Jorge Silva Fraga
16. keith paquette
17. MAGA MOMMA #Trump
18. Ed Scott
19. Clint Hatfield
20. rafael manzo